Digital Fluency

Digital fluency is the concept of technical, literal and competent knowledge of a technological medium (Spencer, 2015). As i understand, it is a very hard topic to define. It can be broken down into two terms, digital literacy and digital fluency. Digital literacy is the basic understanding of a technology. Digital fluency is a more complex understanding of the technology, and of how to use it in more ways than just its original intention (The SociaLens, 2011).

That being said, i understand digital fluency  is very similar to gaining an understanding of any tool. Its hard to gauge exactly how fluent someone is in any given technology without comparing that ability directly with someone else. Because of this, i feel that the only way to improve digital fluency if by a combination of research and practise.

There are problems with digital fluency in a classroom setting. We live in an increasingly technologically advanced world, and as I’m currently learning, more and more things are required to be completed with more advanced technology. These skills are important for students to acquire, but as yet there is no structured way in which to do this (White, 2013). I believe it ties in directly with the issue of the digital divide, in that, students are expected to improve their digital fluency, yet do not necessarily have access to the technology when they are not at school.

In the last eight weeks i have learnt that my own digital fluency has regressed over the past ten years. It seems that continuous development is the key to improvement. You can’t expect students to be digitally fluent, as long as there is disparity in the amount of technology they have available to them. But you can help them, in the future, digital fluency will be thought of in much the same way as people view literacy across subjects such as mathematics and language.

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