The Digital Divide

The digital divide is the term used for describing the difference in the amount of information available, and the access to technology between certain people (“The Digital Divide,” 2016, para. 1). I understand that the digital divide can refer to many people of differing cultures, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds. This is something that i feel i have always had a general understanding of, however i have now learnt how big an impact it can have on students in a learning environment.

I’ve learnt that children expect to have a very technology focused schooling life, one that mirrors their life at home (Howell, 2012). In my opinion this only helps in broadening the divide, and exacerbating problems associated with it, as children without as much access to technology outside of school will tend to feel alienated and left behind.

While i understand it is important that the Digital divide is recognised, and that there are a number of initiatives put in place to attempt to bridge the gap. Such as Google’s ambitious project to design weather balloons capable of carrying internet signals (Teller, 2016). It seems to me that technology is growing at a rate faster than we can make access available to certain demographics. Because of this i feel the need to strike a balance between the amount of time students spend learning through various technological channels.

I’ve personally learnt that a divide can be developed by sheer will. In my own case, i have plenty of access to technology, and the funds to use it, however my lack of desire to use it has left me significantly behind my peers. I think there it a lot of work to do to bridge the digital divide. I’m not sure if it can ever be completely bridged, the best case is to be able to lessen the gap between those with and those without.

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