Being a Digital Curator

Digital curation is the collecting, managing and maintaining of data for future use (Yakel, 2007). Anyone can be a digital curator, while some educational institutions offer certificates and extended learning in the field, the term itself can apply to anyone, anytime that is collecting information. In fact, many people are digital curators everyday, those that share things via Instagram, Twitter, and other various social media mediums are all participating in a form of digital curation.

Recently i have been curating two websites to use as a teaching tool. It has opened my eyes to the pros and cons of certain platforms. My recent experiences has been curating on Pinterest and Storify. Pinterest is an increasingly popular social media site used by over 100 million people world-wide (Smith, 2016). I have found Pinterest to be a digital curator in itself, selecting certain pages, photos and videos, to add to my feed based on information i provide as to what I’m looking for. Because of this i felt restricted to the information i could gather as well as the format in which i could deliver it to the classroom.

I then tried Storify, a digital curation tool that, in my opinion, is far more conducive for creating a page to use in a classroom setting. It allows for the collection of articles, videos and pictures across various platforms all over the internet, from a search within the website itself. I found it much easier to collect data this way, in comparison to Pinterest. What i found most important, was the ability organise the data, and add text in between. This helps to add context to the reader, something i think would be very important when used as a teaching tool.

This process taught me that digital curating is a powerful tool not just as a teaching aid, but also as a means of communication. However I also think that the way in which the data gets presented is particularly important in a classroom setting.

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